Avengers: Endgame Review

Everyone who is any sort of minor Avengers fan can say that Avengers: Endgame is likely the best Avengers movie out there, being the amazing end to such a great string of movies. Unfortunately, that is just the problem. In actuality, the possibilities of continuations are endless!


Christianity in Anime #1: Bungou Stray Dogs

One of the main themes, of BSD, is coming out of the darkness and into the light, letting yourself forgive everything you've ever done. I find this quote interesting...

Top 5 Light-Hearted Anime to Make You Smile

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! I decided to add a segment to my blog which will keep me updating a lot more than usual! I'm a HUGE anime and manga nerd, so I decided that this would be just the thing to keep me involved with my website. I'll also post more reviews of movies (animated or otherwise), books, TV Shows, and then possibly more creative works in my freelancing. Anyway... here we go! Top 5 anime to make you smile!

The Big-shot, the First Man

Hello everyone, welcome back to my channel! Today I will be reviewing a movie which has been dubbed "a new classic" by many reviewers. If you're looking for a happy-go-lucky "this is the best movie ever!" review, you have come to the wrong place, my friend.

Last Man Standing: Season Two

Hello, hello! Welcome back! Today I'll be reviewing the hit TV show "Last Man Standing" SEASON TWO! Yes, I totally watched all of season two in 40 hours. I have NO SHAME. I'm sick, I get to sit around and watch TV. And sleep. And watch more TV.

Last Man Standing: Season One

This comedy, slice-of-life series stars Tim Allen (as "Mike Baxter") in the award-winning TV show about a Conservative family living in Denver, Colorado. Mike Baxter, a fictional father of three girls who co-runs the company "Outdoor Man" with fellow co-star Hector Elizondo.

The GREATEST Showman of All Time

I am not lying when I say that "The Greatest Showman" is one of the best top-grossing movies of 2017. BoxOfficeMOJO.com says that, worldwide, this movie grosses over $430 MILLION!(1) Of course, it's no "Beauty & the Beast" or "Wonder Woman," which both sit in the top 10, but The Greatest Showman has become, what I would say, a household name.

Why I Will Never be- Nor Want to be- Jack Ryan

Today I'm going to talk to you guys about this hit new show on Amazon Prime, JACK RYAN! Eeeeveryone's been talking about this show, and I mean everyone. It's only been online for two days, and my whole family has already binged up to Season 1; Episode 7. (There are only 8 episodes available at this time.)


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